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  • Data Architecture Melbourne

  • 08:30

    Register; grab a coffee. Mix, mingle and say hello to peers old and new.

  • 09:00
    Keynote Speaker_Chair

    Welcome by Corinium & Chair Opening Remarks

    Peter O'Donnell - Enterprise Data Architect - Victoria Legal Aid

  • 09:10
    1143 CISO Brisbane_Icon_Networking

    Speed Networking – Making new connections!


    In this 10-minute networking session, the goal is to connect with three new people. Let the questions on the screen spark your conversation. Enjoy the opportunity to expand your network!

  • 09:20
    1143 CISO Brisbane_Icon_Fireside Chats

    Opening Keynote Fireside Chat
    Beyond Blueprints: Architectural Innovation to Unleash the Full Potential of Data


    Join this conversation offering unique insights into the future of data and the dynamic landscape of architectural evolution.

    • Integrating big data technologies and event-driven architectures, bridging gaps between traditional and modern systems within highly regulated spheres.
    • Encouraging continuous improvement and evolving practices to advance maturity level and better meet the dynamic needs of the business environment.
    • Highlighting the role of data architecture in the future roadmap, particularly in its integration with AI and emerging technologies.


    • Kavitha Dhanraj, Chief Data Officer, EBOS Group
    • Bernadeth Lucanas, Associate Director - Enterprise Data Architect, Macquarie Group 
  • 09:45
    Daniel Hein-3

    Enabling Successful AI Initiatives with Modern Data Management

    Daniel Hein - APJ Chief Architect - Informatica

    Achieving success in AI initiatives hinges on a robust data management foundation. This presentation delves into the challenges of integrating enterprise data with generative AI and explores emerging best practices for architects, such as Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), AI agent calling, and fine-tuning pipelines. It also highlights the importance of data literacy, intelligence, and the role of AI in automating and enhancing data architectures, data management processes and data democratisation. Ultimately, the presentation emphasises the necessity of a modern data architecture to avoid fragmentation and complexity, ensuring cost-effective and streamlined AI and the delivery of trusted and clean fit-for-business-use data to data consumers. 
  • 10:10
    Vibhu Tandon-2

    Crafting Effective Analytics Strategies: Navigating Challenges and the Landscape for Business Success

    Vibhu Tandon - Global Head of Data, Analytics & Insights - Aesop


    Join us as Vibhu offers a unique perspective on data strategy implementation, drawing from over 20 years of experience and lessons learned from a diverse array of data strategies.

    • Exploring and understanding the challenges, strategies, and triumphs encountered, to discover actionable takeaways to elevate data initiatives.
    • Highlighting the importance of strategic alignment, effective communication, and a clear vision
    • Fostering organisational transformation by promoting data-enabled cultures
  • 10:35

    4 Essential Steps for AI Readiness

    Robert Curtis - Managing Director APAC - InterWorks


    Generative AI will be the single biggest disrupter for business and technology in modern history. For organisations that are prepared, it will be a transformative suite of solutions and a massive jump in competitive advantage over the AI illiterate.  
    Join Robert as he guides you through the choices and challenges to get you ready for AI today:
    •    Define your vision & strategy for AI 
    •    Discover and plan for AI use cases to add real value 
    •    Prepare a robust and performant data platform to power AI 
    •    Empower your people to use AI wisely 
    •    Leverage strong governance and technical leadership to ensure good stewardship 

  • 11:00

    Morning Coffee and Connect

  • 11:30
    David Evans-1

    Designing an Architecture for Decentralised Operation of Data Apps

    David Evans - Data Platform Architect - Bendigo and Adelaide Bank


    In this presentation, we will delve into the intricacies of designing an architecture for decentralised operation of data apps. Understanding the fundamental differences between centralised and decentralised data architectures, exploring their advantages and challenges. Discussing strategies to increase adoption and expedite the delivery of data apps, focusing on techniques to streamline development processes and enhance user engagement. 

  • 11:55
    Group Discussion

    Panel: Evolving Technologies, Endless Possibilities - Aligning Tools and Strategies for Future-Ready Data Platform


    During this panel, each panellist will have 5 minutes to present their architectural principles and diagrams, followed by discussions covering:

    • Integration challenges from emerging tech impacting data flow, emphasising aligned security and governance strategies for data integrity and compliance.
    • Design strategies and scalability considerations for future readiness.
    • Evaluation of current systems, creating integration plans, and setting governance protocols for seamless tool integration.
    • Importance of collaboration, continuous monitoring of tool performance, and training to relevant teams to ensure alignment with business goals.


    Peter O'Donnell, Enterprise Data Architect, Victoria Legal Aid


    Surj Rangi, Architect - Data Platform, REA Group

    Rajesh Padmawar, Executive Manager – Architecture, The Salvation Army Australia

    Piyush Bijwal, Enterprise Architect - Data & Analytics, Working in Travel Industry/Domain


  • 12:30

    Tabcorp's Data Transformation Journey to Leverage a Business-Value Driven Strategy

    Sonal Kapoor - Senior Manager Data Architecture & Governance - Tabcorp

    • Delving into the journey from data strategy to implementation while touching upon interesting real life cases like NBX.
    • Exploring Tabcorp's strategy of consolidating data platforms and unifying data assets, including the decommissioning of legacy platforms and increased investment in AI initiatives to enhance customer benefits.
    • Discussing the critical factors necessary for a clear and comprehensive understanding of data lineage and quality, while enabling a scalable data governance strategy.

    Sonal Kapoor, Senior Manager Data Architecture and Governance, Tabcorp

    Niranjan Rupanarayan, Data Architect, Tabcorp

  • 12:55


  • Track A: Aligning Data Architecture with Business Strategy


    Peter O'Donnell - Enterprise Data Architect - Victoria Legal Aid

  • 13:55
    Mehul Majethia-Apr-01-2024-06-22-05-4412-AM

    AI-Powered Integrated Data Governance Frameworks: A Holistic Approach

    Mehul Majethia - IT Domain Architect - Data - Aurecon


    Explore how organizations can establish integrated data governance frameworks that seamlessly incorporate security measures, compliance standards, and governance policies. Discuss the benefits of a holistic approach to managing data integrity and protection in modern architectures. This presentation will also delve into the role of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in optimizing regulatory compliance within modern data architectures as regulatory landscapes evolve. By the end of the session, participants will have a gained understanding of the design, implementation, and benefits of integrated data governance frameworks. This knowledge will empower them to navigate the complexities of modern data architectures, fostering enhanced data security and compliance within their organizations.

  • 14:20
    Simone Occulate-3

    Data Governance Collaboration: Bridging Architecture, Risk, and Compliance

    Simone Occulate - Senior Data Management Specialist - SEEK


    With 25 years of experience in the data space from developer Oracle DBA and Data Modelling Instructor to Data Architect to Data Management Specialist, Simone will share her profound insights and lessons from a former data architect's journey into the world of data governance.

    • Leveraging a data governance perspective to unify data architecture, risk, and compliance teams.
    • Exploring essential considerations for crafting a robust data architecture that aligns with governance objectives.
    • Discovering strategies and challenges encountered while bridging the gap between data architecture and governance for seamless collaboration
  • 14:45
    Usman Zafar-4

    Architecting Data Infrastructure for Business Value Creation

    Usman Zafar - Senior Principal Enterprise Architect - Data - Invesco

    • Delving into the process of fine-tuning data architectures for maximum efficiency, focusing on design considerations and implementation strategies.
    • Exploring the tangible economic benefits derived from a well-crafted data architecture, emphasising how strategic decisions in this realm can directly influence commercial values and outcomes.
    • Discovering practical insights and actionable takeaways, providing a roadmap for integrating business-centric data structures to enhance overall value and success.
  • Track B: Innovative Technical Approaches & Case Studies

  • Bernadeth Lucanas


    Bernadeth Lucanas - Associate Director - Enterprise Data Architect - Macquarie Group

  • 13:55

    Fireside Chat: Supercharge Your Organisation: Integration and the Power of Unified Data


    With the explosion of generative AI, clean and timely data is paramount. iPaas is fundamental to build seamless data connections throughout an organisation's digital ecosystem for cohesion. Managing the data quality, syncing and breaking down the silos is the foundational layer to help organisations expand innovation. Join this dynamic fireside chat as Boomi shares organisations' experiences integrating their systems to achieve a single source of truth and how this drives innovation and growth and allows them to pivot and embrace AI.


    Nathan Gower, Senior Director for Enterprise APAC, Boomi

    Sripurna Das, Technology Head of Data and Content, Origin

  • 14:20
    Vishant Bhat-3

    Customer Experiences Powered by Containerised SLM Models on a Data Lake

    Vishant Bhat - Enterprise Data Architect - St John of God Health Care

    • Exploring architecture used to power customer experiences using ML Model
    • Delving into interactions between models for learning and enrichment
    • Discussing models running on top of a customer or any data lake that needs enhanced customer experiences
    • Assessing possibilities and further implementations using Small Language Models (SLM) and interactions/impressions data in any apps
  • 14:45

    Performance by Design: Achieving True Observability and Traceability in a Distributed System

    Paul Beliavskis - Engineering Manager - Boardoutlook

    Former Technical Team Lead, Paul will share his insights and experience at Mecca covering:
    • How Mecca transitioned from scattered data across servers to a centralized system, enabling a holistic view of the entire distributed environment.
    • The power of real-time tracking, allowing for end-to-end tracing of API calls from Mecca's system which offers immediate insights into the flow and performance of each call, fostering a deeper understanding of system behaviour.
    • Mecca's capability to thoroughly analyse system performance - how detailed performance metrics provide valuable insights for optimisation and decision-making.
    • How Mecca consolidated logs and metrics into a single, easily accessible repository offering a one-stop solution for monitoring, troubleshooting, and deriving actionable insights, enhancing overall system reliability and performance.
  • 15:10

    Afternoon Coffee and Connect

  • 15:40

    Building a Centralised Modern Data Stacked Data Platform

    Surj Rangi - Enterprise Architect - Data Platform - REA Group


    Discover the essentials of building a centralized modern data platform. Learn how to integrate diverse data sources, leverage advanced technologies, and implement best practices for improved data quality, agility, and scalability. Gain insights into real-world examples and walk away empowered to unlock the full potential of your data assets.

    Surj Rangi, Architect - Data Platform, REA Group

    Matt Ellis, Technical Lead – Data Platform, REA Group

    Piyush Dhir, Senior Technical Lead, REA Group

  • 16:05
    Group Discussion

    Panel: Cultivating Leadership Skills to Effectively Advocate for Architectural Vision for Transformative Data Advantage

    • Achieving clear and persuasive communication to effectively convey complex architectural visions to diverse stakeholders.
    • Aligning architectural visions with overarching business goals, emphasising the transformative impact of data architecture.
    • Engaging and influencing stakeholders across all levels, gaining support and buy-in for transformative architectural initiatives.
    • Developing leadership abilities to foresee risks, adapt strategies, and propose scalable solutions within architectural visions, ensuring adaptability and resilience.


    Henrique Delamanha Mendonca, Head of Data Governance and Enablement, EBOS Group


    Bala Rasaratnam, Enterprise Architect - Data & Analytics, Coles Group

    Simone Occulate, senior Data Management Specialist, SEEK

    Will Babington, Chief Data Officer, The Salvation Army Australia

    Vishant Bhat, Enterprise Data Architect, St John of God Health Care

  • 16:40

    Chairperson’s Closing

  • 16:50

    Cheers with Peers - Continue the conversations in a fun and entertaining way.